Stone Print Rounded Corner 20 x 20cm

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Stone, Slate, Rock.

 This Medium is Fantastic to make your Photos into real Works of Art. Why stop at Photos we can print your favourite saying, or that picture your Child painted for you, that just can’t be thrown away.

Printed on Stone you will have them for a life time. These Items combine full-colour Photographs or Graphics with the Natural Beauty and Durability of Rustic Stone.

Created from finely-grained Sedimentary Rock, our uniform thickness, flat coated image area, provides for beautiful Works of Art.  While the individually fractured edges helps to seamlessly blend the printed image into each piece. Resulting in a, One-Of-A-Kind Photo Gift, Award or Plaque. Due to the fact this is a natural product and the Stone needs to be broken to give it its rustic look the Sizes are approximate only and can vary slightly. It comes with it's own stand.

This product is available mainly in a Matte Finish; however the Gloss Finishes are slowly becoming available. As they do we are listing them here in our products.


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 5 Send us an email to with your Image or Graphic. Please send a High Resolution Photo.A general guide for optimum quality prints is to ensure your files are 300dpi at the size you wish to print. If this is confusing send your Photo and we will advise. This Panel is Matte Finished.

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