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Personalised Clock

Personalise with your favourite Photo, Text, Logo or all three.

Made of environmentally friendly MDF not cheap PVC plastic.

Comes with clock movement and hands attached.

Personalise your very own Clock face with any Photo, Text, Logo or colours that suit your decor. Personalise your clock and show off your special day, your family photo, you’re loved ones, or your sports team etc. You can have the numbers in different colours for the young children that can't tell the time. (eg. stay in bed until the small hand is between the black and yellow numbers)

Ideal Gift, for the Kids, Family Member, Home or Office. 

The Clock face is 20cm x 20cm (8’’x 8”)Round x 7mm thick and made from MDF.

This movement is a SILENT NON TICKING so perfect for any room including the bedrooms and study.

Once printed they have a high definition finish and will last a lifetime.

You can also add text on top of your photo the choice is yours.

(Requires a AA battery NOT SUPPLIED)

The process we use to apply the design is called Dye Sublimation. This gives a High Quality long lasting finish to your Clock face.

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  1. Select the Numerals Normal or Roman from the Drop Down Menu
  2. Select your quantity
  3. Pay for your order
  4. Send us a message with the Details you would like on your Clock (Photo, Text, Font, Background colour. etc.)  Please send a High Resolution Photo, an Original off your Smart Phone is OK.

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