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Dog Collars

It's not just a collar, it's Custom Pet Couture!

Please read entire listing before purchasing!

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Your Furry Friend will stand out from the rest with one of our custom designed Collars.

Select from one of our Aztec or Chevron designs ( The Chevron design is totally customisable with colours of your choice) add your pets Name, Photo, Phone Number and or Address in your favorite font. (Most fonts are available at no extra cost) If we Don't have it we will let you know. Maybe you already have one of our Pet Tags and want to leave your collar with a design only, you can choose from one of our designs or design your own in any colour you choose.

The choice is yours; you have full control over the design or leave it to us.

Our collars come in 2 sizes

Small: - Neck sizes 270mm to 450mm

Large: - Neck sizes 370mm to 620mm

The collars are made to last, made out of Black Polyester with black clips, and a printable section, a standard D Ring for attaching the lead.

The process we use is Dye Sublimation, this process doesn’t print onto the collar but prints into the collar using high temperature and pressure. These collars will last a very long time. The Printable area for the Small Collar is 290mm x 20mm and the Large Collar is 300mm x 25mm

When ordering send us a message.

Give us the Dogs Neck size so we can fit your graphics to the collar when it is on. To measure your pets Neck use a soft tape and put 2 fingers under the tape to give your Pet some room, or measure your old Collar.

Send us your instructions and your Pets Photo if required.

We will contact you and send a draft for your approval.

Wearing a Collar and Tag

Did you know Council can fine dog owners if they do not put a collar and tag on their pet?

Wearing a collar and tag, along with microchipping and registering your pet, are the best ways to ensure lost animals can be reunited with their owners. Especially since people often forget to update their pet’s registration and microchipping details when they move house or change phone numbers.

The Companion Animals Act 1998 sets out the rules for collar and tags. These include the fact the tag must show your dog’s name and your phone number or address.



  1. Select your quantity of Collars
  2. Select the Size
  3. Select the Design
  4. Add to cart and Check out.
  5. Send us a message with the Details you would like on your Collar (Photo, Text, Font, Background colour. etc.)  If you don’t have a photo of your Pet’s face only, send us any photo containing your pet,s face and we will crop it for you.

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