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Personalised Book Mark

Personalise with your favourite Photo, Text, or Both.

Personalise your very own Book Mark with any Photo, Logo, Design or Text you like. Ideal Gift or give away for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, the Office or just about any Occasion. 

We produce 2 different Aluminium Book Marks,

1:- Has a cut out to clip over your page and a printable area of 12.6cm X 3.2cm.

2:- No Cut out, and a printable area of 15cm x 4cm it slides in between your pages.

Both have a Gloss Finish and are printed on one side only. Book Mark No2 will fit a wider variety of photos and text because it doesn't have the page cut out, and is larger in size.

You can also add text on top of your photo the choice is yours.

In some cases the Photos may not be able to be arranged to fully cover the Book Mark surface area, due to it's thin shape. If this is the case we will choose a neutral back ground colour.

The process we use to apply the design is called Dye Sublimation. This gives a High Quality finish to your Book Mark


  1. Select your quantity of Book Marks
  2. Select the Type (Plain or Cut Out)
  3. Add to cart
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  5. Send us an email to with the Details you would like on your Book Mark (Photo, Text, Font. etc.) Please send a High Resolution Photo, an original off your smart phone is OK.

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